11/24/20: 6,290 new COVID cases, 145 new deaths

State reaches highest average death rate in six months, while new case average declines. Hospitalizations continue to reach new highs.

Michigan: State health officials reported 6,290 new cases of COVID-19 on Tuesday. The state’s seven day moving average was 6,925 new cases per day, which is a slight decline over previous highs.

The state also reported 145 new deaths from the virus with 51 coming as a result of a review of previous death records. The state is averaging 80 deaths per day, which is the highest average death count in about six months.

Kalamazoo County: County health officials reported 117 new cases of the virus on Tuesday bringing the county’s average to 138 new cases per day. Kalamazoo also reported one new death from the virus. The county is averaging nearly two deaths per day.

Hospitalizations: Hospitalizations continue to beat previous records. On Tuesday, there were 4,087 people being treated for COVID-19 in Michigan hospitals. The number marks a new record for hospitalizations in the state.

Bronson Methodist Hospital in Kalamazoo reported it had 51 COVID-19 patients putting it at 86% capacity.

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Positivity Rate: Both the state and Kalamazoo County have seen their positivity rates level off in recent days. Michigan reported a positivity rate of 12.89% on Monday, which is similar to rates over the past two weeks. Kalamazoo County reported a positivity rate of 10.74% on Monday.

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