8/27/21: Most COVID stats flat in Michigan

The average of deaths rose on Friday as most other indicators remained stable.

Michigan: By most measures, the spread of COVID-19 in Michigan has stopped rising in Michigan. That’s according to the latest stats released on Friday.

State health officials reported 3,958 new cases of COVID-19 on Thursday and Friday of last week. That brought the seven day average to 1,729 new cases per day – just shy of where it was on Wednesday.

At the same time, the state’s positivity and hospitalization numbers were flat.

In the week ending Thursday, 8.75% of COVID-19 tests conducted in the state returned positive results. That’s the highest it’s been in months, but also just a fraction of a percent higher than it was during the previous five days.

And Friday’s COVID hospitalization numbers on Friday were just nine higher than they were on Wednesday.

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That doesn’t mean the current wave of the pandemic is over, but it is a hopeful sign of things to come.

One stat that didn’t decline was the state’s coronavirus death rate. The state reported 69 deaths on Thursday and Friday, with 42 of them coming from a review of previous death records. That caused the seven day average to jump from 12 deaths per day to almost 17.

Kalamazoo County: COVID stats in Kalamazoo County were similarly flat on Friday.

Health officials reported 135 new cases of the coronavirus on Thursday and Friday. That caused the seven day average to decline slightly to 58.14 new cases per day.

Hospitalizations were flat and the county's positivity rate held steady at 11.19%.

The only difference came in the area of COVID-19 deaths. The county reported three deaths over the course of Thursday and Friday. But the average held steady at 0.57 deaths per day over the previous week.

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