COVID increases not just among unvaccinated

A quarter of recent cases of COVID-19 have been among people who have been vaccinated. That raises worries about a fall surge.

The rise in new cases of COVID-19 over the past few weeks hasn’t just been caused by the unvaccinated. Data released Wednesday shows that about a quarter of new cases are afflicting those who have been inoculated against COVID-19.

In the week ending August 11 there were nearly 2,000 breakthrough infections – that is infections among people already fully inoculated against COVID-19. Experts point the finger at the Delta variant, which makes up an overwhelming percentage of new infections in the state.

That’s raising fears among state health leaders of the potential for the pandemic to get much worse as summer ends and students return to classrooms throughout the state.

Already, state projections show rising rates of COVID-19 infections continuing through September and October with deaths potentially reaching into the thousands.

Despite the report of breakthrough cases, new infections of COVID-19 still affect the vaccinated at a much lower rate than the unvaccinated.

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