Some students will stay online next year. Here’s why.

Parents of Kzoo students have a variety of reasons for keeping their kids home.

While many students are excited at the prospect of returning to the classroom later this month, a small group of Kalamazoo Public School students will not be joining them.

KPS announced in April that it would reopen school buildings for the 2021-22 school year. But it retained the option for students to continue to learn virtually if they still did not feel safe. About 500 students took that option.

WMUK reports that parents and students have a variety of reasons for not going back yet.

“I have one kid who’s just like, ‘I’m not wearing masks. If I have to go back and wear a mask the entire day I’m not doing it,’” said Sarah Davis.

Another parent – Ameythist Hagenbuch – said her son thrived during the past year of virtual schooling.

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“I would definitely say that his grades and his overall learning improved at home,” she said.

Still others are holding out for a vaccine for kids. Current COVID-19 vaccines have been approved for use with people age 12 and older. That leaves a huge number of students in KPS who can’t get the shot.

“Because KPS offered options and flexibility we just decided to keep him home until he can get vaccinated,” said Angela Gross of her 11-year-old child.


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