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From the multi-generational family business to the startup in the Edison neighborhood garage, NowKalamazoo covers the people putting in the work and the remarkable things they create.

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A neon sign in a window that reads "Ed's Shoe Repair"

The last shoe drops

A third-generation Kalamazoo cobbler is shutting down his shop with no one left to take it over when he retires this summer. It’s a trend in a craft that has devastated local customers and, nationally, underscores an embrace of waste.
Loot Energy founder Jon Elms laughs while holding a can of Loot Energy while sitting on couch with an unnamed woman.

From the gym to gaming to a business idea

Playing video games was supposed to pass time until the pandemic ended and gyms opened back up. Then Jon Elms, a fitness coach, created an energy drink company for gym rats and gamers alike that is expanding beyond Kalamazoo after some help from another local business owner.

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