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9/25/23: Portage talks trash

The city of Portage is considering changing how it handles trash service after complaints of unfair pricing. Also: The Sounds of the Zoo music festival launches. And a cafe is reborn in Scotts.

9/22/23: A Parchment barber celebrates 60 years in business

Carl Buck may be working fewer days than he did decades ago, but he doesn’t appear to be slowing down. Also: Test scores are down in KPS, but getting better. And local artists will be featured on TV.

9/21/23: More transparency in Portage

The city of Portage has agreed to share more information about development projects before they come to the board. Also: Kalamazoo County is considering a costly name change for its new justice center. And a duo of Frank Lloyd Wright homes are for sale in Galesburg.

9/20/23: County could pay off residents’ medical debt

County leaders are considering a plan to pay off medical debt for thousands of residents. Also: Portage schools have a tentative contract agreement with teachers. And a wrongfully convicted man is suing the Kalamazoo detectives who investigated him.

9/19/23: Pod village halted again

A long-awaited plan to build a ‘pod’ village for the unhoused has hit another snag. Also: A state grant will help support efforts to stop gun violence in Kalamazoo. And a quick-thinking delivery driver saved a man from a house fire in Portage.

9/18/23: Downtown crashes down

Accidents on Michigan Ave. are way down since traffic changes went into effect. Also: A former K Township fire chief is suing over his firing. And a high school food drive has broken records.

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