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Nonprofit Spotlight: AACORN

Aacorn provides meaningful work and therapeutic activities for adults with developmental differences.

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Why I’m making a big bet on nonprofit community news

I loved USA TODAY. I love Kalamazoo more.

‘I gave a lot of them their first haircut and their last haircut’

After 60 years in business, Carl Buck’s barber’s chair still spins around.

‘I wanted to get my book in the stores I grew up going to’

The Creative Endeavor Project gives Kalamazoo area authors a space to promote and sell their books inside the Michigan News Agency, a 76-year-old family-owned bookstore and newsstand.

The complex fears of the gun violence generation

Gen Z activists are trying to get their peers – and the adults who created the gun violence crisis – to hear them out.

‘We lose so many kids’

In this month’s Beyond Bullets Interview, Alisa Watkins-Monroe talks about the trauma she sees way before people pick up a gun – and what she and her colleagues are doing to stop it from getting there.

‘We are survivors of gun violence’

Young people speak candidly about the realities of everyday gun violence in Kalamazoo, shedding light on its distressing prevalence among a generation left powerless to protect themselves.

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