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If your business or organization values the First Amendment, values the free flow of information as a public good, and if part of your purpose is the betterment of Kalamazoo for all, then your crew and our crew could get together and row the boat in the same direction.

If you’re just out for a quick buck or the kind of spyware ads that follow people around the Internet, you’re in the wrong place.

NowKalamazoo has built a loyal and growing audience who rely on the quality of the news we produce and the valuable resource we provide. 

Our audience knows that sponsors help us tell the story. All financial support from sponsors of NowKalamazoo fuels our mission to spur civic and cultural engagement in our community.

What does a sponsor get?

There are many options for supporting NowKalamazoo, from our newsletter to our website, to our live and virtual community events, and more. Sponsors have the ability to choose the channels and placements across which their branding and messaging are integrated.

To give a sense of scale: NowKalamazoo’s email newsletter is sent to more than 2,000 unique subscribers every Monday through Friday. A remarkable 65% of people open each of those emails. More than 4,000 Kalamazoo residents visit our website each month, and they spend more than two minutes reading any given story.

For sponsors, aligning with NowKalamazoo demonstrates your commitment to the community and its ideals. NowKalamazoo is invested in helping partner organizations grow and succeed alongside its own audience growth and success.

To explore specifications for sponsorship creative media, sponsorship rates and more, please complete the form below to receive a media kit. If you’d like to discuss your organization’s unique marketing challenges with a member of the NowKalamazoo team, please submit the form and someone will be in touch within two business days.

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Transparency is important

NowKalamazoo is funded by donations, sponsorships, and grants. NowKalamazoo is a nonprofit operation under the fiscal sponsorship of the Local Media Association, an IRS-recognized 501(c)3 public charity.

NowKalamazoo is trusted and independent. We are a non-partisan news organization. We do not endorse or support any political candidate or party, and we do not accept sponsorship or underwriting from political parties, candidates, campaigns, or affiliated entities such as political action committees, etc. We do not permit sponsor’s messages to include falsehoods, mis-information or dis-information. Lastly, we do not sell, trade or share any of our readers’ or sponsors’ information.

Commitment to independence

NowKalamazoo is and always will remain fully independent. NowKalamazoo is dedicated to reporting and analysis that is thoroughly vetted and fair-minded, enabling readers to understand the crucial stories of our community, make their own decisions, and form their own opinions. We view our independence as integral to the value we bring to our readers and the Kalamazoo community. Our roots, our editorial focus, and our business decisions are truly local. We are not owned or influenced by anyone or any other decision-makers, either here in town or in a headquarters in another city or state (because there isn’t one).

Some of our sponsors, donors, and grant-makers may also be subjects of our reporting. Consistent with journalistic practice, NowKalamazoo maintains a strict separation between business considerations and editorial decision-making. To read more on how our policies and practices contribute to NowKalamazoo’s independence, see our FAQ [link].

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